Using My Anger to Better Myself

Learning and deploying anger management strategies during Covid 19. Exercise, meditation, and the ability to restrain mental and physical outbursts, how I bettered myself during the year of covid.


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Analytics of behavior

I was a sociology minor many years ago and found these concepts fascinating for managing people through the years. Hotels seek to establish social mores within their confines (think Four Seasons)

How does this relate to relate to race relations? We can look at which level we can find pressure points to force change. Individuals won’t change if the social more where they live, work and play doesn’t change. Social mores won’t change a community level with out pressure from outside or above.

I spend a lot of time thinking about the analytics of behavior. Not many people can or care to engage in this discussion, people will look for a quick fix for a popular poignant quote. We need to, as a society, think about this on a broader level.

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