Who Are Startup Consultants and Why You Need Them

A startup consultant can assist your company in increasing its visibility, reputation, and revenue by conducting a thorough investigation of your targeted markets, competitors with similar business…


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Guarding Our Hearts With All Diligence

Because out of it comes the hope we need

One of the amazing potentials we have as human beings is that we can think and decide what we want to do with our time. We can decide our career path. We can think of creative ways to make anything appealing: especially in art.

And for every problem that man faces in his day-to-day life, we have the power to solve these problems with innovation, to make life easier.

That demonstrates our intelligence. And we can do all these things with the content in our minds.

The truth is that we are all products of the ideologies shaping our minds. Scripture says something thoughtful in the Book of Proverbs that every believer should take note of:

After accepting the life of Christ into our hearts at salvation, we can become believers. We need to guard our hearts for the Word of God to gain dominance over our lives. But our hearts remain in our soulish realm of will, emotions, and ideologies.

When we put off the old nature and become new, we need to protect our minds from impure content and ideologies that are inconsistent with Scripture.

Therefore, our minds should always be full of the abundance of God’s life we have in our spirit.

Christ, when teaching about the mind, says:

This tells us that whatever we used to say is a direct reflection of our hearts. I noticed this when I started to read Scripture for long hours and meditate.

I’ll wake up from sleep most times and start to speak in tongues or make melodies to God in my heart. And most times, I find myself quoting scriptures even when I’m talking to people casually.

Let’s be honest, several devilish things tend to corrupt our minds or weaken our faith in this generation.

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