Making Tough Decisions

I got really lucky early on when a mentor gave me the best decision making tool of my life. I was just two years out of college, working for Harris Bank in Chicago, when I was having lunch with a…


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To Be Yours

Step by step

Caress my curiosity
Scratch my interest
Pinch my admiration
Tap my respect
Slap my love
Punch my passion

Kick my desire
Hit my dream

I am yours.

[a E.]

I started writing this using a sense of contradiction between the first word and the last, starting by using a violent verb and ending with a word usually related to love and relationships. The text in bold was the start.

Yet, the chosen words are not random, they were selected because they have that second meaning that depending on the situation might be positive or negative, like when you gently slap someone that fainted, or you punch the gas to go faster, or you kick start something, you hit the bullseye…

The love of playing with words brought these original lines.

Then I wrote a few more lines that tap more into an affectional physical contact, the good kind. :) I find it interesting how much time it took me to find the words for each side.

In the end, I just tried to create a sense of escalation, upping the intensity of the physical contact and at the same time the intensity of the feeling/emotion.

Below you may try to translate the original to Portuguese, with a few notes added by E. when she read it.

Acaricia a minha curiosidade
Coça o meu interesse
Belisca a minha admiração
Toca o meu respeito
Esbofeteia o meu amor (pensei que tivesse acordado seu amor)
Esmurra a minha paixão
Chuta o meu desejo
Bate o meu sonho

Eu sou teu.

e eu sua…

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